How Much Does It Actually Cost to Own a Cat?

Microchipping Your Cat - What You Need To Know

5 Cat Desexing Myths Debunked

What to do if you can no longer care for your cat

Dealing with Nuisance Cats in your Neighbourhood

How to Love Your Cat Even More - It's Possible!!

Although it may seem really nice to have your own companion, it's only fair that you first determine whether your budget allows for you to care for a cat well enough before taking on the huge responsibility.

So how much does it actually cost to own a cat?

What are the benefits? How does it work? And are you keeping your details up to date?

Find out all about microchipping and how it keeps your cat safe.

There’s plenty of misinformation out there that makes us feel like desexing a cat is the wrong thing to do. However, it’s quite the opposite, most of this information is based on myth!

Let's debunk those myths and get the facts on desexing your cat, why it’s important and how you can do it.

It’s an incredibly difficult situation to be in when you have to make the decision to rehome your cat.


Here's some advice on what you could do to make sure your cat stays in a loving home.

Have you ever found a cat that you didn’t own wandering on your property? We know how frustrating it can be.


There are right and wrong ways to deal with nuisance cats. If you have one in your neighbourhood, read on, because we’re going to help you deal with the issue responsibly.

There’s no denying that we all love our pets and when it comes to cats, well, they’re just so hard not to love! 


But guess what? There may be some extra things you could be doing to love your cat even MORE!

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