Cat containment solutions

Contrary to popular belief, your cat does not need to roam to be happy. As long as you provide ample food, water, fresh air and stimulation your cat can enjoy a happy, healthy life without the risk of getting lost or injured.

Here are a few easy ways to contain your cat safely on your property:

Install cat proof fencing around your yard

A cat fence is specially designed to prevent your cat from scaling the fence, giving it full access to your yard to enjoy some fresh air. 


This is an ideal option for people with small yards.

There are a number of ready to install cat fencing options on the market.


Or if you're DIY savvy, try building your own.

Install a cat enclosure on your patio or in your garden


Cat enclosures extend your cat’s access from indoors to outdoors for some sunshine and fresh air.

Enclosures come in many shapes and sizes, depending on your needs - from simple cat netting around your patio, to a free standing enclosure in your garden.

There are many ready-to-install enclosures and accessories available. 

Or why not build one yourself? Click here for a useful DIY guide.

Cost can be kept to a minimum by using second hand building material.

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Ideas for different styles of cat enclosures:

Thanks to Kingborough Council for their great information on outdoor cat containment.

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